Saturday, January 2, 2010

10 Items or Less

Even if you don't have the chance to go shopping often, you can still find new ways to wear your clothes without spending a dime!

 Here's your challenge:
Go to your closet and close your eyes. Pick out a few random pieces and then open your eyes. You now have your first items to work off of. Continue to pick clothes you think would go well with the first ones until you have 10 pieces total. Now make as many outfits as possible using these and any other accessories or shoes!

 I was amazed by how many outfits I was able to make and how different each look was. I went for a simple color palette with a few touches of pink and blue. This worked well for my first time doing this, but next time I want to add some more interesting colors and patterns for more playful and bright looks.

These are the clothes I picked out...

  1. black cardigan-Banana Republic
  2. little black dress-Rue 21
  3. striped dress-Old Navy
  4. striped button-down-American Eagle
  5. striped jacket-thrift store find
  6. gray sweater-Aeropostale
  7. white shirt-Forever 21
  8. v-neck sweater-Aeropostale
  9. gray skinny jeans-PacSun
  10. blue shrug-Old Navy

 ...and I was able to make nine outfits out of them! I probably could've kept going if I hadn't needed to go to bed. It was like playing dress-up and I couldn't stop thinking of ways to wear the clothes.

Outfit #1-Date Night

Outfit #2-Party Time

Outfit #3-Goofing Off in Study Hall

Outfit #4-Sightseeing

Outfit #5-Shopping Day

Outfit #6-Playing in the Snow

Outfit #7-Miss Daisy

Outfit #8-Workin' for the Money

Outfit #9-Rock Concert


  1. You have great style Jenny, keep it up! I love your party time outfit the best! Thank you for the lovely comment! Hope you will visit again!
    xoxo Jolie

  2. Very creative post, and a good idea! xo

  3. How fun! I could sit in my closet for days and do this! xo

  4. Ohmigosh I absolutely adore you and your blog! You are so incredibly cute! I believe that outfit # 7 is my favorite; but the shoes from outfit # 2 are calling my name!! :)

  5. You are really cute~ what a great post! I love how you created all these looks- very original!


  6. Hello

    In outfit no 1 I like the dress and the nice sandals.

    Outfit 2: Nice tights and cute shoes!

    Outfit 3: The black high-heeled sandals are very nice and I like that you wear them with blue socks.

    Outfit 7 is very cute.

  7. JENNY! It's me. So I just wanted to let you know. I have the same scarf as you(outfit 6) we should wear them both on the same day on the bus! ;)