Thursday, December 31, 2009

Saying Goodbye to Another Decade

I'm not doing much to celebrate tonight, but I’ve been having fun looking back at the last ten years of outfits, movies, books, parties, music, celebrities, events, and memories. I think of past decades and how each one had specific fads and personalities- the 50's with rock n' roll and poodle skirts, the 60's with mod mini dresses and peace signs, the 70's with bell-bottoms and disco clubs, the 80’s with big hair and cassette tapes, and the 90's with mom jeans and boy bands. But if we were to define these past ten years, how would we describe them? All that I think of is a big blur of the things that happened, inventions made, and clothes worn. There have been so many ways people dressed in 2000-2010 that there isn't one typical style that portrays this decade. Here are just a few words that come to mind...

iPhones, skinny jeans, September 11th, global warming, Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, eco-chic, Gossip Girl, Britney Spears, Iraq, USBs, Hurricane Katrina, Lady Gaga, terrorists, digital cameras, texting, H1N1, Barack Obama, The Kite Runner, off-the-shoulder dresses, Latisse, Slumdog Millionaire, Fashion Rocks, tainted spinach, and American Idol.

...and check out these fun flashbacks of the decade and hopes for a new one.

Happy New Years!!

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  1. Hey Jenny... great question. I nominate Beyonce, the economic crash and twitter for your list.

    Thanks for the comment, and I'll be back again soon :)