Monday, December 14, 2009

The Perfect Bag for Aspiring Journalists

Whenever I see newspaper print on clothes or accessories, I'm immediately intrigued. I don't know whether it's the journalist inside of me or because it's not something I see on a regular basis. I found this one by John Galliano while browsing sample sale boutiques online. It's no longer on the site now, but I'm blogging about it anyhow. My favorite part of the purse is that if you look closely, you can read the stories that were printed on the fabric.

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  1. Want it! Haha, I would really love to own this bag. I have seen a lot of art made from printed pieces including magazine articles and old-fashioned ads. Most of the pieces I've seen have been bags, actually, but I have also seen pretty charms on neckalces and rings as well. I think the printed word is fascinating to everyone, whether they like to admit it or not. It is nostalgic and respected and that's why I think print is only going to be perpetuated in the future. Love in writing, Jenny. <3