Sunday, December 6, 2009

A Man with Style

Kanye West has become one of the most stylish men in the music industry. He may not be known for being the most humble, but when it comes to fashion he's at the top. He started by applying for internships at European fashion houses and then moved on to collaborating with Nike and Louis Vuitton. He's recently launched his clothing line, Pastelle. Some clothes from this line were worn in his music video "Good Life."

"...I always say I was a designer before I was a rapper, and I really wanted to get into design."
-Kanye West
courtesy of kanyelive

He's a man who...

...attends fashion shows to see the clothes,
not just to be seen in them.

....mixes patterns with ease.

...looks hot in hot-pink.

...can pull off a tux with sneakers.

...isn't afraid of bold accessories.

 ...knows how to wear scarves.

...and has his own shoe line for Louis Vuitton (released this summer).


  1. yeap... he's talented and has a great sense of style!

  2. I love Kanye. He totes WHOOPED Taylor Bimbit Swift's ass :D