Thursday, July 8, 2010

Denim Visions

    Lately, I've been on a sewing spree! I have a bunch of t-shirts that I never wear and I'm intending on cutting and stitching them up into original creations. So far I've finished the denim vest I mentioned a couple posts ago and I'm quite happy with how it turned out. As you may remember, I was a little skeptical about it in the beginning. This is because I wasn't going by any pre-made patterns and I never took a single measurement...truthfully those are the steps that make sewing tedious for me, so whenever I make clothing I eliminate them completely!    

  I made my own pattern (well, you can hardly call it that) by drawing out a simple shape on paper, holding it up to me, tweaking it, and repeating these steps until I came up with two pieces that looked like they would fit. I traced the two pieces onto old pairs of jeans, and cut the basis of what I built everything else off of.

   After I stitched the four pieces together, I let my creativity lead me. My favorite part of constructing any piece of clothing is building off of each element I add, just as an actor learns to do when they're improvising. I never draw my designs beforehand, I formulate what I want to create in my head and put it directly onto fabric. I then make changes based on instinct. It's definitely not the most full-proof way to sew because I never know how something will turn out until it's finished, but I like the thrill of experimenting and I normally feel more satisfied with the end product than with what I had originally imagined it would be.

Hopefully, this will be one of many unique creations
I'll be making over the course of the summer.
So stay tuned for more to come!


  1. wooowww great DIY:)

    you really are talented:)

  2. thats actually really cute!!!
    great DIY check out our hair how to!