Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Galliano Never Ceases to Impress


   I know the spring runways are a little past their time now and everyone's talking about fall, but can I just say how AMAZING I thought John Gallino's Spring 2010 fashion show was?!! I watched it on my iPod while on my way to NYC last week and I couldn't take my eyes off the screen. He always makes such awesome productions of his runway lines and every season uses a new way to creatively present the clothing. This time, he had the models go down a red, glowing runway lit by lasers. As they walked, they were surrounded by balloon-like bubbles. But you soon realize they aren't balloons because they hit the floor and make clouds of vapor! Of course, the clothes themselves were just as magical as the presentation. The collection was inspired by old-fashion cinema and silent-movie actresses. Layers of light-as-air chiffon were paired with lace and floaty dresses were worn with structured jackets. Every outfit had a special headpiece made to accentuate each look.

(video credit-http://fnetwork.com)

 (photo credit-http://style.com)


  1. I love the first dress!! Its exquisite xx

  2. we can never expect nothing less from him. he is haute couture!

    Kisses from NYC,
    Betina and Mae

  3. This really is a great collection. I really love that red dress!

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