Monday, January 3, 2011

Purple Velvet, The Perfect Leather Jacket, & Cosmic Lycra

     Today, my friend Danielle and I relived 4th grade days and wore matching tops to school! Yes, normally something like this would be viewed as a fashion faux pas...however, some best friends have friendship bracelets, we have matching velvet corsets! The best part? We both have our own style so we wore them differently. She wore a black sweater over hers and I wore a maroon quarter-sleeve tee under mine.


     I also wore my new Victoria's Secret leather jacket to and from school to ward off the frosty, morning winds and chilly, afternoon breeze. I am totally in love with it, so don't be surprised if I wear it almost everyday! I've been on a hunt for the perfect leather jacket lately, envying starlets such as Taylor Momsen and Rachel Bilson, and realized this one just had to be on my Christmas wishlist!

     Another addition to my wardrobe via Christmas presents? These Charlotte Russe studded clogs--a trend I've been wanting to try for a while now. The fuzzy lining and thick heel make them so comfy, they may become my go-to pair of heels for winter.

And now for my astronomical (quite literally) Victoria's Secret purchases...

     I was thinking of saving the best for last, but I just couldn't wait. I've been eying this amazing monokini on and couldn't help buying it with the gift cards I got for Christmas. When I got it in the mail today all I wanted was for the snow to melt, the humidity to rise, and for another vacation from school! And it's a good thing I bought it when I did because I can't find it on the website anymore.

     I couldn't be happier with my swim fact, it was hard for me to take it off! I was tempted to just wear it all night long, despite the chill of early January and my family probably not enjoying that idea!

     And oh yah! I got this sweater too! It's not as exciting, but at least I don't have to wait a whole six months to wear it. Plus, there have been multiple times (mainly during the holidays) that I've needed a red sweater, but haven't had a very flattering or versatile option. So this was sort of my practical buy to offset my impulse buy, which in this case, turned out to be a very smart choice anyway!

 Hope everyone has a lovely beginning to their week!

PS - Sorry I haven't been posting my "Who Belongs to These Shoes" segment very regularly. I've been reconsidering the day I normally post it, so stay tuned! It'll return...just perhaps on a different day!

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