Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Cleaning

     I officially envy anyone who lives in a climate where it's currently above 40° F or hasn't seen a snowflake for over a week. Being the second day of spring, you would think there would be rain and sun to welcome the new season, but New Hampshire always seems to throw us a curveball. The snow that was rapidly melting only a few days ago, has now been accumulating all day long. All I want right now is hot, hot weather!

      On another note, there are still some things that have put me in a spring mood regardless of the three added inches of snow on the ground. Saturday, the weather was actually nice (but this was pre-snowfall I remind you) and I had a spring shopping trip with my mom, complete with a book sale, Starbucks, and lots of irresistible tops at Banana Republic. Yesterday, I went dress shopping with my friend Rose and I found a perfect party dress for just under $15.

     Now, the part of my post that brings me to the reason it's titled "Spring Cleaning!" I've realized my blog-roll is pretty messy. Some blogs on it don't exist anymore or haven't posted for months and some I don't even know why they ended up on the list because I never visit them. So I'm going to work on cleaning it up and making it more relevant to what interests me and may interest you. If you would like me to include your blog, hit me up with an email and we can talk about exchanging links!

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