Thursday, March 3, 2011

Who Belongs To These Shoes Vol.21

The answer to last week's pair...

Alexander Wang Fall 2011 RTW

These preppy heels are the perfect balance of old-school class and new-age flair!
They also come in silver, red, and blue and look simply striking in each color.

Where to find shoes like Alexander's:

This week's shoes...

Valentino Muted Pink and Grey Peep-toe Heels

A few hints about who's wearing these:
-This actress moved to the Dominican Republic and didn't return to the US until she was 17.
-She studied ballet, jazz, modern, and Latin dance before going into acting. 
-She appeared in the music video for "La llave de mi corazón" by Juan Luis Guerra.

So who do you think belongs to these shoes?


  1. magic shoes in the second picture!
    amazing color..looks so richly

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