Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Disappointing Fate

     Christian Dior made it public today...they have fired John Galliano because of his drunken racist rant that was caught on film and surfaced yesterday. It went viral and the label took immediate measures. The decision was the right thing to do, but I am crushed that they have let go of such a creative genius. I have a hard time believing that they will find anyone as inspiring to take his place.

Dear John Galliano,

     You have disappointed me greatly. What you said was clearly wrong but I stand to wonder if you still would've said it had it not been for your drunkenness. I feel betrayed that for all these years you have been a symbol of greatness to me, yet you have fallen by disgrace. Your designs are mesmerizing and they transport me to a world that no one else can. Your creativity surpasses your competition. You and Dior were a match made in heaven until you screwed things up. They will forever be lacking your splendor.


PS-Please clean up your act and continue making beautiful clothes.

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