Friday, January 6, 2012

Spring Awakening at the Beginning of Winter

     Today I woke up to the first bit of snow that I've seen for a while. I've been back home on break for almost a month now and there have only been a couple light snowfalls. I'm not a fan of the snow and in fact, a thin covering of white on Christmas is all I need. Meanwhile, I go to work at PacSun and there's something wrong about bringing spring shipment out while the snow is just beginning to accumulate. Companies bring on the upcoming season as if the current one slid right under their noses, but I guess they're just trying to keep up with fashion week! While pastels and florals are prematurely replacing knits and earth tones at work, I start my online shopping right on time! No sooner than when I see the first notification in my inbox of the Victoria's Secret semi-annual sale do I race to their site to browse bathing suits and sweaters...for hours! It's a really bad addiction, I know! But last year it ended in one of my favorite purchases to date--my cosmic monokini! How can I possibly pass up great deals on bikinis that I'd been eyeing all summer? The only downside is that I have an entire winter to wait out before I can wear them!

    In light of embracing the arrival of spring while snow will still be falling for months, Matthew Williamson's Spring 2012 collection is a little bit of sunshine and what I'm looking forward to come April. Until then, I'll be dreaming of escaping the dreary cold while in the Caribbean wearing his sea-green and orange caftan with Japanese flowers and a pair of Charlotte Olympia tie-dyed platforms.

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