Friday, May 24, 2013

All in the Details - Organizing Jewelry

     I'm sort of an organization freak, so even though I knew I'd only be home for a month before I returned to Boston, I designed a new arrangement for my jewelry. I love the jewelry box that my dad made for me, but my jewelry collection has grown a lot since my 16th birthday. I came up with a few additional storage ideas that double as a beautiful display for my dresser.

      Presentation has always been important to me. When I walk into my room I want to be surrounded by the things that represent who I am and I'm very particular about how I decorate. From books and pictures, to nick-knacks and pencils, every bit of my room is strategically arranged.

     Teacups have accidentally become a part of my collections, simply because I've gotten one here or there and find them too pretty not to put on display. These were my first solution to storing my jewelry. They are great for holding earrings, especially if you hang dangly ones from the edge of the cup. Not to forget the saucers, I used one to keep my pendant necklaces with very thin chains from getting tangled. 

      I've always kept my bangles in a large fishbowl. I don't remember where I got the idea, but it was probably from a Pottery Barn catalog that I used to rip pages from. I have so many bangles that it's really the only way I can store them. It's also a great display piece because no matter what side is facing out you'll always see colorful, interesting bangles.

      In addition to the fishbowl, I have a bunch of glass jars and vases that I use for organization. One of them is a tiny little vase that's perfect for the few brooches I have.

       The decor of my room is ocean inspired so I keep a lot of seashells around. When I watched Aquamarine for the first time, one of the girls used a shell to keep small earrings in and I've been copying that idea ever since. 

        I used to keep all my rings together but have found it a pain to find the small ones when they're jumbled up with all the big ones. So I separated my small rings into a starfish dish and kept the big ones in a round box with a pretty oriental print.

       Before the big jewelry box, my dad made me a smaller one in the shape of an octagon. My favorite part about it is that the lid only goes on a couple ways so you have to turn it until it fits into the bottom like a puzzle piece. This box is the perfect size for all the bracelets that I layer together.  

       The dress form jewelry hanger is a piece I haven't used for a while, mainly because it wasn't practical for college. But I decided it was time to dust it off and found it a good place for special bracelets that I want separated from the rest, as well as a few more dangly earrings.

       My last storage piece is the smallest. It's a little china container intricately painted with a scene of a man and a woman in a garden. This was perfect to hold something equally delicate, so I use it for a few thin, gold and silver chain bracelets.

       On my wall, I've hung a bulletin board to tack up all my bigger necklaces that are a nightmare to untangle. A lot of these are ones I've made, so it's also kind of like a display for my creations. It's filling up fast though! I may invest in a bigger, fancier one at some point or create my own out of a big frame. 

       Lastly, I have my inspiration board hung above my dresser. This is the board I made for spring, including shirt dresses, colored pants, cardigans, and pink lipstick among my season essentials.

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