Sunday, May 26, 2013

My New Haircut!

       I'd been in need of a trim for a while, my split ends were horrible and my ombre colored tips that I dyed last summer were dull and dry. I decided that my trip to the hair salon would be a good opportunity to switch things up. Months ago, I'd torn out a couple pictures from a Boden catalog of a hairstyle I really liked. I didn't think I would have the courage to cut my hair that short but I surprised myself Friday. I brought the pictures into the salon and fearlessly cut off 11 inches of my hair.

       Right after it was cut I loved it. It was styled perfectly and had that silky feeling of rejuvenation after years of neglect. However, within the last 24 hours I've gotten a bit frustrated with it. I have never blow dried my hair with a round brush so I didn't get the same results as the hairstylist had given me. Over the course of the day my bangs began to flatten and get in my eyes. Needless to say, I've formed a love-hate relationship with my new do.

       Overall, I like it and have gotten positive feedback from friends and family. It just feels so different right now that it's going to take a while before I'm completely comfortable with it. I'm glad I took a risk though. My hair feels so much lighter now that I chopped most of it off and it's much easier to brush because it barely gets tangled. All I need is to find my inner Karlie Kloss so I can rock my look with confidence.

My hairdo inspiration - Freja Beha Erichsen, Karlie Kloss, Kate Moss, and the pages I tore out for my original style.

This is just a fraction of the hair I chopped off. The other 11 inches were sent away to Locks of Love.

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