Sunday, May 12, 2013

Brooks Brothers Collaborates with The Great Gatsby Film

      As I listen to The Great Gatsby soundtrack for the third time, I'm beginning to warm up to the tracks. It isn't as completely awesome as I expected it to be. I totally thought "No Church in the Wild" would be on there, along with a really great song from Jay Z, but his song "$100 Bill" is sub par. However, my favorites Florence and the Machine, Sia, and The xx make up a few stellar tracks. I don't always like all of Lana Del Rey's music but her song "Young and Beautiful" is surprisingly catchy.

     Regardless of the soundtrack, I am still very excited to see the movie. My film major boyfriend keeps telling me it's going to be terrible, but I have faith in Baz Luhrmann. His movies Romeo + Juliet and Moulin Rouge are among my favorites. He has a very extravagant, theatrical style that's almost always entertaining...I can't say I was thrilled by Australia though. Of course, the most exciting part for me is the costume design. I find 20s fashion endlessly inspiring and a massive amount of creative costumes is guaranteed to be in this movie. Luhrmann's wife, Catherine Martin did extensive research to recreate styles from the Roaring Twenties. She won an Oscar for her costumes in Moulin Rouge and I fully expect her to get another for this film, even if Luhrmann doesn't receive one.

      Martin's research led her to a collaboration with Brooks Brothers. While every fashion magazine has been focusing on the women's clothing from this era, it's refreshing to see someone including menswear in this  trend craze. I was walking down Newbury Street one night and stopped immediately when I saw the Brooks Brothers window displays of Gatsby inspired suits and separates.

      According to the Brooks Brothers' website, their clothing was a staple in Fitzgerald's wardrobe. Martin thought it was only appropriate to incorporate their clothes into the movie. She researched their archives to ensure her interpretations were accurate. Brooks Brothers then collaborated with Martin to create an exclusive menswear collection.

      The pieces are timeless versions of the company's old styles. From full suits and cardigans, to white wingtips and onyx cuff links, men can achieve Gatsby style in many different ways. With all these options, a guy can go head to toe 20s or just add a touch of it with one piece.

      Check out this behind the scenes video below to see Catherine Martin explain more about her designing process and the Brooks Brothers collaboration.

Visit the Brooks Brothers' website here to shop the collection. 

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