Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Not-So-Sweet Sugar Coat

In this picture, Sally Hansen Bubble Plum from the "Sugar Coat" collection.
      As the nail art craze continues, I've kind of been behind the curve. I like experimenting with new techniques and polishes but I never got into textured nails. This week I tried it out for something different. I've acquired two Sally Hansen "Sugar Coat" polishes in Bubble Plum (100) and Cotton Candies (700). Both are sweet pastels, typical of a candy shop, with a grainy texture finish. 

     This polish was a good way to ease into textured nails. It goes on fairly easy -- my one suggestion is to put it on quickly or it gets clumpy. A couple coats works best for optimum coverage (some areas of the nail may not get completely covered in the texture otherwise). It dries pretty quickly, so that was a plus! Once I'd finished my nails it was a cool effect, unlike anything else I've tried before. The biggest downside is that I soon realized this texture wasn't all too pleasant for everyday wear. For the past few days, I kept accidentally scratching myself, or I'd be surprised when I felt something rough and then remember it was just my sandpaper nails. 

      Overall, this isn't the most practical polish. It's cool for a day or two, but it gets old very quickly. It also isn't easy to take off and requires much scrubbing with plenty of cotton balls and nail polish remover. I would suggest this for a special occasion that will last no longer than 48 hours. It's great for making a statement, but not for when you're shaking someone's hand or going on a hot date. This polish could also work for an accent nail. That way you get the trendy texture, but it won't make your nails overwhelmingly rough. 

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