Monday, July 8, 2013

My Trip to LA

       I got back from LA a week ago and all I've been able to think about since are the sunny skies, sandy beaches, beautiful sunsets, and the perky palm trees of the West Coast. I had so much fun there and my boyfriend made every moment perfect. Everyone I met during my four day stay was very friendly and made me feel so welcomed. There's an endless amount of things to do in LA. People kept suggesting places to go and we only got through half of them! Overall, Santa Monica was my favorite place in the area. It's right on the beach and it has a great little downtown area with lots of shopping and restaurants. Here's a little photographic diary of my visit in California...


My pre-trip manicure. I've had these snakeskin decals for a while, so I decided this special occasion could use some fierce nail art.
Andy picked me up from the Long Beach airport Wednesday night and gave me this beautiful bracelet within the first 15 minutes of my arrival.
Another gift he gave me the night I got to LA! This awesome necklace can also be worn as a watch ring! So cool!


Andy lives a couple minutes away from Warner Bros. Studios!
Andy's friend Chloe took me to Santa Monica for the day. We walked around the Promenade and I ate my first Johnny Rockets burger!
That night, Andy and I met his cousin, Erin, for a Mexican dinner. Later we hung out at her apartment and met a few of her friends.
We got cupcakes and six flavors of ice cream at Sprinkles. You can order your cupcakes from their "Cupcake ATM" and watch them come out the machine!


We drove up to see the Hollywood sign!

Andy met some guys shooting for NBC!
We got lunch at the Grove.
Our crepes were amaaazing!
Andy was very impressed by his Nutella crepe!
We had to go into Dylan's Candy!

After the Grove, we checked out Wasteland for some thrift shopping.

Palm trees at Venice Beach.
We walked around Venice Beach until sunset.

The sunset was so beautiful!

We got dinner at Seasalt Seafood Grill in downtown Santa Monica.
I got fish tacos and Andy got a Poboy...they were so yummy that we got seconds to take home!


Saturday, we spent the day at the beach in Santa Monica.

That night we went to Universal Studio's City Walk. It's like a mini Times Square!
Andy jamming out to Justin Timberlake!
In front of the Universal Studios gate.

     Being in LA with Andy made me so happy I didn't want to leave! I know I'll be back though! On our way to LAX Sunday morning, we got to see the sunrise over the mountains. Definitely the best way to end my trip!

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