Monday, July 29, 2013

Reconstructing a Skirt

         For my second reconstructed piece, I altered a vintage skirt. I fell in love with the pattern and colors but when I tried it on, it didn't look quite right. I decided it would only need a couple adjustments before it would be a piece I'd be wearing all the time. 

         Skirts are my favorite things to get in thrift stores because they come in cool, unexpected patterns and there are a lot of ways to turn them into modern fashion. A few years ago, I bought a skirt in the same style as this one and simply pulled it up over my chest and belted it to make it a dress (see that post here).

           This skirt was a little big around my waist, so the first thing I did was take it in on the side. Then, I cut a slit on one side that reached about halfway up. Once I sewed all the necessary seams, it was finished! A very easy way to make an old skirt more wearable!

Thanks to Naomi Kolok for helping me with this photoshoot! She'll also be modeling in reconstruction posts to come! 

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