Thursday, August 1, 2013

Reconstructing a Scarf

         The next piece in my summer reconstruction collection is a shirt I made from a scarf. Technically, it was just a rectangular piece of fabric that I've had for a while, but this design could be made out of any large scarf.

         First, I cut the fabric into two equal, smaller pieces. I hemmed all the rough edges, and then placed the pieces on top of each other for the next steps. To create sleeves, I measured how wide I needed the neck hole, then sewed about two inches on either side. Then, leaving enough room for arm holes, I sewed along the sides about six inches from the edges (keeping in mind the shape of my torso). This makes the excess fabric flow down the sides and looks really pretty when it's belted.

Thank you to Naomi Kolok for modeling in these photos!

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