Friday, August 30, 2013

DIY: Galaxy Nail Art

         Every time I change my nail polish lately, I like to try something different than just a solid color. Last week, I created a galaxy print, as it's one of my favorite patterns for clothing. I'm going to show you how to do it on your nails!

What you'll need:
- black, white, orange, light blue, and purple nail polishes
- a very thin, shimmery nail polish
- clear top coat
- makeup sponge
- pencil 
These are the colors I used: Revlon - "Black Lingerie," Circus by Andrea's Choice - "Reverso," Essie - "Meet Me at Sunset," Essie - "Lilacism," Color Club - "Disco Dress," L'oreal - "The Temptress' Power," NYC - "Extra Shiny Top Coat."
Step 1: Paint nails black. Let dry.
Step 2: Using the makeup sponge, dab small splotches of the blue onto each nail. Let dry.
Step 3: Repeat this dabbing technique with the orange and purple polishes, drying between each color. 
Step 4: Dip the tip of a pencil into the white polish to create small dots that look like stars. Let dry.
Step 5: Paint a light layer of the shimmery polish on top of design.
Step 6: After the polish has dried for a considerable amount of time, apply top coat to finish. 

And voilà! You have nails that are out of this world! 

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