Friday, August 21, 2009

Another Age, Another Outfit!

Today's my birthday, and it's been a great one at that! I'm going to be writing an interview on my darling friend from Fab Blab for Style Sample Magazine, which I'm extremely excited about! I started celebrating a little early on yesterday by going out to brunch with my grandparents, then today my mom picked up some wraps and coffee from a local little coffee shop for a nice lunch together with my sister and brother (I got a raspberry truffle iced tasted exactly like truffles!). The sunshine actually lasted until afternoon, I didn't cut myself shaving, I've gotten lots of birthday wishes (which I thank everyone for), and there's a possibility I could go to NYC for Fashion's Night Out as a birthday present! Needless to say, my birthday's been a very sweet sixteen!

I've had a fantasy lately of just waking up on my birthday and getting all dolled up in a puffy mini-dress, heels, lots of jewelery, and glamorous make-up and hair complete with a tiara just to sit around the house in...
...but seeing that I didn't have a proper dress, I improvised. It's no Gucci or Versace, but I had to wear something that made me feel like a princess today!

Tank top-Victoria's Secret
Skirt-a costume piece from my little sister's dance recital!
Shoes-Charlotte Russe
Tiara-borrowed from my sister's closet
Bracelets-an entanglement of a gold necklace, some silver bangles, a gold and silver chain from my Memere, and a sterling silver bangle I got as a birthday present from my grandparents yesterday.


  1. Happy Birthday! You look adorable :)

  2. Happy B'day J! I looove your skirt. Totally princess material :)
    And I've already mentioned how much I adore those shoes.
    Thanks for the shout-out too, darling~!

  3. Love the shoes! So gorgeous!