Thursday, August 6, 2009

From Behind The Blue Door

This afternoon I rummaged through almost all the racks in a thrift store to come up with some interesting looks. Some were just for fun, some had important pieces that tied them together, and a few were totally me. After 3 hours of tearing apart the store, getting odd looks from old women, and posing barefoot for pictures, I have a blog post!

This was my outfit for today. Casual and comfortable...nothing too over the top.

The first dress I tried on. Velvet with ruffled details on the bust. I would've bought it if I didn't have a gazillion little black dresses already.
A simple pink lace dress. It was cute but just didn't have enough "Wow!" factor.

A plain sweater dress...I couldn't find a belt so I just grabbed a men's tie. This dress, again, was too ordinary.
Ha ha! This was just for fun...although, it would be cute for Halloween!

This was my waitress dress! It wouldn't look too bad with a few more accessories.

My 80's office look...if only I had some neon stilettos and some hairspray!

I would've loved this bathing suit if the top didn't constrict my breathing!
The pants were a little too baggy but they were the only ones I had close by. I fell in love with the flapper hat though! Just had to take that cutie home!
Same deal with the well as the jacket...boy, do I need a tailor!!!

Adored this dress. It has a v opening in the back so technically, I could turn it around and "Voila!" it would a v-neck dress! It was also made with 70% angora, so I couldn't resist getting, I love the color! It's definitely a dress to liven up the rainbow in my closet!

Just a casual ensemble to show off some of the accessories I picked out. I bought the scarf and bag, but the shoes weren't as fortunate. This over the shoulder bag was made out of genuine leather and looked new...definitely a keeper!

The shoes I almost got!

So many bags, so little money!!! In the end I chose the clutch and the bronze bag hiding around my arm.

This one looked like something cute and vintage, but I'm pretty sure it was something from Walmart a few years ago.

I've always loved tweed, but this purse was a little on the small side.

This was a bag from and it was in brand new condition. It would normally be around $20-$30, but I got it for $10! It's going to be perfect for my school purse!

I liked the Ralph Lauren feel of this one, but the material was a little shabby.

A knock-off Prada, in an ugly shade of green...would fit right in at school, but definitely not my color!

This clutch had pictures of stamps from different countries and it was brand new, complete with the tag and everything! I got it to add some color to my purses...most of them are neutrals.

Right before I got to the check-out counter I remembered a striped jacket on display at the entrance. I tried it on and it fit me perfectly. Needless to say, I got it and it may be appearing in a blog post soon!


  1. the red sweater outfit with the cute hat - thqt would actually be really cute with a pair of well fitting jeans and pointy toe heels....and the sweater dress that you belted with a tie - very clever - go back and get it though - you can totally vamp that up with a black (or red) trench and black knee high boots...or even pointy toe (or slightly rounded) cuffed ankle boots....tres cute!

  2. Hey there, Jenny.
    I just wanted to tell you that J'adore your style! It's sooo cute ^^