Wednesday, August 12, 2009

How To: Jazz Up Your Boring Lunchbox

I've come to the conclusion that you don't need to buy an actual lunchbox to carry your lunch in. It takes forever to find cute lunchboxes, and I've tried everything. My freshman year, I used a Victoria's Secret metallic gift bag I'd gotten a present in. It looked cute, but it was a little too small and the fabric inside didn't clean up well when I spilled gunk in it. Sophomore year, I went back to using a boring old lunchbox that was the ugliest color blue. This year I've found a new discovery that just might work. Train cases! They come in all kinds of different shapes, colors, and patterns, to fit anyone's style, and a lot of them come with plastic lining that's easy to clean. I found a couple on giltgroupe from Stephanie Johnson. I am just dying to get a cute train case to carry my lunch in this school year...and if you're one of those that get hot lunch, you might find that just carrying an empty train case will be the next "it" thing!

JENNY train case $38

ERELA train case $26

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