Friday, October 8, 2010

H&M "By Night" Collection

     Just about every day, I day-dream about how better my life would be if there was an H&M close-by. How I would only need that one store for all of my shopping! But alas! The closest one is right on the NH/Mass border and it would probably cost more in toll and gas money than buying a t-shirt...although I would consider frequenting that area if I wasn't so directionally handicapped! Anyway, it's about that time when the premature holiday season is starting up. Thanksgiving window decorations are up a month in advance, holiday soirée buzz has launched, and you've already started on your Christmas wishlist! Thanks to H&M, you only need to shop in one store for all your festive ensembles, taking a little stress out of all the extensive shopping to come! Their "By Night" collection brings a little rock-n-roll to elegant party dresses so that your ever-popular LBD will be a bit more kickin' than anyone else's.

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