Sunday, December 15, 2013

Fashionable Christmas Gifts That Give Back

          Christmas is my favorite holiday of the year! Not only because of what it means to me, but also because of how long it lasts. A whole month full of baking, decorating, music, friends, family, and shopping! You get every excuse to stay in and watch movies with hot chocolate or shop all day long for the right gifts. I still write the wishlists I've made since I was a kid. In case you haven't caught on yet, I'm very much a list person! While my wishlists have more clothes and fewer toys now, I still put the same amount of effort into making them perfect.

          In the spirit of the holiday season, I decided I wanted to do something a little extra this year. Some fashion brands are willing to give back with every purchase, a concept many call One for One. Stores like Warby Parker and Toms pledge to donate one product to charity for every product purchased. I figured this is a great way to spread the joy! If friends and family will be gifting anyway, why not give a present that donates another in return? I've considered getting new glasses for a while now, so instead of just one pair for myself, I'm asking for a Warby Parker pair to give back at the same time! Not only are they stylish, but they'll be helping out someone who can't afford eye care.

          Whether you're giving or receiving, consider adding these charitable and fashionable gifts to your holiday shopping!

Out of Print - Madeline Women's Tee - $28
          "In an old house in Paris that was covered with vines, lived twelve little girls in two straight lines." These books were among my very favorites when I was young and I can't imagine any little girl not growing up with them. Unfortunately, there are so many impoverished communities where kids don't even have the ability to lose themselves in a good book. That's why for every shirt sold, Out of Print donates a book to an area in need, in partnership with Books for Africa.

Toms + Tabitha Simmons - Blue Cricket Stripe Women's Desert Wedges - $168
           As one of the most successful, charitable brands, Toms' mission is no secret. However, a great new collaboration with shoe designer, Tabitha Simmons, has heightened their fashion appeal this season. Inspired by her own sons, Simmons' collection also features kid's sizes to fit the smallest of trendsetters! As always, with every pair sold, another will be given to an underprivileged child in one of over 60 countries.

Warby Parker - Chamberlain Eyeglasses - $95
           Warby Parker has become the hottest place for eyewear. Almost every magazine editor has a pair and their Instagram account has 85k followers. Plus, they make ordering online just as breezy as in person by sending you five pairs to try on before you buy. Glasses have never been so cool! But how did they make their brand even cooler? They partner with non-profits to improve low-income eye care and donate a pair of glasses for every pair sold.

KITE - UWEZA Pencil Pack - $10
          KITE teaches us not to underestimate the power of a pencil. Pencils can be the beginning of stories, learning, creativity, and even careers. These pencils are made in the USA and with their fun patterns, they can also be an unexpected fashion statement. A statement that enables children to attend school and better their lives. For every pencil pack sold, KITE gives a pencil to a child in need, including 13 million kids in the US and over twice as many around the world. That's really something to think about the next time you jot something down!

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  1. I'm a big fan of Out of Print — who doesn't love a company that sells Fahrenheit 451-themed boxes of matches?