Thursday, December 19, 2013

My Photoshoot with Tricia Cromwell from Trust in Tricia

          This fall, I won a contest that Tricia Cromwell posted on her Facebook. The prompt was to showcase an outfit incorporating fall trends, so I submitted the outfit I wore to the MFA a couple months ago (leather skirt and sneaker wedges). She picked my outfit and I won her Total Makeover prize, complete with a day of shopping, hair and makeup, and a photoshoot styled by Tricia!

          I didn't have much money to spend due to my Christmas shopping budget, but we had a fun time window shopping. She introduced me to some stores and boutiques in Hingham, Mass. and I gathered a bunch of DIY ideas for my clothes and jewelry.

           The best discovery of our day was this amazing top made out of can tabs, by Waleska. I've never worn a shirt made entirely out of metal, so I had to try it on of course!

            After our shopping trip, we headed to Cloutier Photography's studio to start our photoshoot. We took some "before" pictures with a plain tee and then I got my hair and makeup done. It felt good to be pampered for a change, since I'm usually the one styling the model. They curled my hair and gave me a rosy, smokey eye. It was such a pretty, daytime take on a typically nighttime style. 

            Tricia styled me with my own clothes and accessories that I brought, along with some of her own jewelry from her spectacular case full of bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. She put together four looks for me to model. Then came the pictures! Take a look at them below!

Thank you to everyone who made my photoshoot so much fun, including Tricia, Lauren, Maryjo, and Stephanie!

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