Monday, December 16, 2013

Models Ferns Francois and Joel Sanchez Launch Modern Advocates to Boost Boston Fashion

           There's a void in Boston's fashion community. Talent is plenty and the passion is strong, but very few have come together to make the industry bigger. After TheTents at Boston Fashion Week collapsed this year, two male models decided they needed to rally the city's fashion people.

            Ferns Francois and Joel Sanchez just launched a fashion production and networking community called Modern Advocates. Their goal is to exhilarate Boston's fashion industry by bringing designers, models, stylists, buyers, media, actors, and the like together at weekly mixers.

             I met up with Francois and Sanchez to find out exactly what Modern Advocates does and what they hope to accomplish. From revitalizing Boston Fashion Week, to getting more menswear designers in Boston, here's what they had to say.

             Their kickoff event, LA x Tokyo, took place last Tuesday at Naga in Cambridge. Tomorrow will be their last event of the month until their relaunch in January. Starting at 10pm, fashionable Bostonians can connect, drink and dance while making strides for the industry. So go to Naga tomorrow night, meet new people and start a new future for Boston fashion!

To get all the details on tomorrow's event, go to the Facebook page HERE.  

And make sure you check out Modern Advocates on Facebook, Twitter (@ModernAdvocates) and Instagram (@modernadvocates). 

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