Friday, August 28, 2009

An Inspirational Blogger...With AMAZING Shoes!

Jane Aldridge's blog has become a huge success over the past few years, as well as her talent with fashion. She was featured in a Teen Vogue issue, travels the world, has a knack for finding incredible vintage pieces, and is now featured on as one of spring's Front-Row-Faces. I envy her for her wardrobe of endless shoes, designer clothes, and impecable style, but she is also such an great inspiration for all of us fashion bloggers trying to make it big. Her blog has the right balance of simplicity, style, and is always posted with her beautiful pictures and outfits. Most of us may not be able to afford a whole bookcase filled to the brim with shoes, but Jane shows us that doing what we love is the best part of it all.

See her blog-
Check out her shoes she designed for Urban Outfitters

Her gorgeous wall of shoes!


  1. I love SeaOfShoes! And yes, she's such an inspiration!

  2. much success and she is still so young...

    Welcome to SITS. We're glad you joined!

  3. Those are some impressive shoes!

    I came by to welcome you to SITS! We're happy to have you with us!

  4. I want my own fabulous wall of shoes! Awesome indeed.

    p.s. Welcome to the SITS community!

  5. be still my beating heart....

    Welcome to SITS....LOVE the blog!

  6. Welcome to SITS...great stuff!

  7. Oh what amazing shoes -- I definitely need more of those! :) Stopping by from SITS to welcome you to the SITSahood!

  8. LOVE JANE!!! & for sure, i will link you to my blog!!!