Sunday, July 11, 2010

Keeping Busy on a Rainy Day

   Today was the first day of rain we've had for a while so I couldn't spend all day lounging by the pool. I've been sewing a lot this week, but my mom's machine has been temporarily out of order due to a couple jams that occurred while making my knit bikini. So today I spent most of my time on, finding inspiration from blogs, listening to She & Him, watching You Tube videos, and intending on reading the second A-List novel of the series. Without a sewing machine I had to resort to the old-fashioned needle and thread and working magic with just scissors. I cut up another t-shirt that will probably be seen soon in a post all about my ventures in making over my old tees.

This was my lunch that I finally ate at around 4:00pm-tea, peaches, and toast! 

While browsing around online, I compiled a list of things that brightened up such a cloudy day...

1. These cute Lavin sandals that are officially my latest summer obsession in the footwear department.

Lanvin embellished thong sandals-$935

They come in the most adorable shoe box I've ever seen!

(photo credit:

2. Isabel Toledo has a new swimwear line out for Target to celebrate their store opening in East Harlem. The pieces for this collaboration will debut on July 25th in the new store and will be available in other Target stores as well as on August 1st.

I really like their approach to these sporty suits and dresses because each one works together. All the bathing suits can be paired perfectly with a complimenting dress. This red one-piece (pictured above) is something I've never seen may look awkward not being on a figure, but I can imagine it looking dazzling once it has a body to be worn by.  
While the clothing still remains within Target's low price range, 5% of every purchase
will be donated to The Fund for Public Schools .

3. I am dying to try this Korres liquid lipstick at Sephora. It's one of the only Beauty Insiders Exclusive products I've looked into when reading through my Sephora emails.

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Paying $22 for 0.12 oz of lip product seems a little expensive, but it claims to have a cooling effect on your lips while protecting against free-radical damage with natural raspberry and pomegranate extracts. Making lips smooth all over, it applies with the texture of  lip gloss and has the finish of a lipstick.

I would really like to try it and see if the heavy price is worth the meager bottle. I also like the idea of something that's as easy to apply as lip gloss, but with a longer lasting and higher pigmented color.

4. This Marc Jacobs terry jumper is so innovative and perfect for beating summer heat. For those who don't mind spending a little extra to get higher quality, it's only $188 at Neiman Marcus.

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  1. i love anything marc jacobs, him and michaelkors are my two favorites.

  2. Sounds like such a relaxing day! I really love the Marc Jacobs jumper.

  3. I love rainy days! I always get so much done. You look really pretty, too; love the outfit :)

    Following you now :)

    Leia's Delights

  4. Cute blouse!
    Love that bikini too!


  5. amazing lanvin sandals!


  6. i love a rainy day to get lots of reading done :)

  7. thank you so much for the award, doll! and i'm so sorry for taking such a long time to get back to you! you are so incredibly pretty :) i am in love with the marc jacobs terry jumper, oh and that lanvin shoe box is so utterly adorable ♥