Friday, September 6, 2013

Brunch at Foothills

           This week has been one of those first fall weeks when it isn't quite cool enough to start wearing sweaters, but there's definitely a chill in the air. I've felt the need to make a slight transition from the carefree clothes I wear in the summer, yet I want to wear sandals for as long as I can. I recently added a lot of black to my wardrobe, although it was completely accidental. I wanted to add leather, edgier pieces to my fall wardrobe and it just happened that everything I brought to the register was black!

 Top - TJMaxx
Skirt - Charlotte Russe
Sandals - TJMaxx
Clutch - vintage
Ring - H&M

            This top was a recent purchase. I love it because it's casual and comfy but has leather at the shoulders to make it a tad bit more intriguing than a typical tee.

           These sandals were a $7 steal at TJ Maxx. I won't be able to wear them for long before they go into spring storage, but I sure wasn't going to let them slip away at that amazing price!

           I found this vintage, beaded clutch quite a few years ago and it's been the perfect little bag to take out whenever I need some extra class in an outfit. I've been looking for a chain ring like this one for a while, so I was happy to add it to my ever-growing ring collection.

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