Saturday, September 5, 2009

Girls in Denim

This afternoon has been so sunny and beautiful. I wanted to wear something today that reflects the light and relaxed breezes. I put on this denim skirt from Abercrombie and Fitch (I know...I don't usually give into the conformity of Abercombie but I only buy when it's a necessary basic), a white halter inherited from my older sister, flats, and my floral brooch featured a few posts back. My little sister just got this dress on her own little shopping excursion and I threw my afternoon tea hat on her. I wanted everything to look simple, so I told her not to wear shoes!

I am now a member of weardrobe. To see my profile and outfits click here. I don't have many up yet, but I'll be working on more soon!
If you have a weardrobe account too, let me know...I'd love to see your looks!


  1. Hi Jenny! Thank you soo much for your sweet comment about my work! I loove yours! I'd love to swap links too :) I'll put your blog on my blogroll now.
    Lovely post!

  2. Danielle Bilodeau9/5/09, 9:46 PM

    Jenny, I just read over this whole site and I love all of these clothes! :D You deffinetly know fashion. I wish I had the ambition to go shopping for some new things to put in my wardrobe.. :O

  3. Jenny, you have exceptional fashion content... Even from a guys perspective, as I write this! I read your other posts and love your work. Would you do Fashion Dilemma for guys too? I think I have to spread the word!!!

  4. Totally awesome and your sister is adorable! :D

  5. Thank you everyone, I love your comments!
    You are all marvelous! <3

    Dakota Rico-ya, I'd definately do a fashion dilemma for guys too...just email me your question!

  6. that is such an adorable outfit.

    Popped over from SITS to say hello.